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The Light and Darkness Inside of Us

*alternative title: A Fate Worse Than death* 

   Hello my kings and queens! I'm back for another book blog. I've been having a rough time reading since the last book I bogged about, because it is a historical non-fiction, which is making the book harder for me to finish. I'm not reading as much as I should be, since I'm not as motivated to finish my book, not because it's not interesting, I enjoy the story just I don't enjoy the type of book. But I didn't want to have two book blogs about the same book back to back, so I decided to start a new book, Unwind by Neal Shusterman. My mom loves this book, and she really loves the author. She has tweeted at Shusterman and when he responded once, she was so excited she would bring it up constantly. But, it was actually my sister that got me to finally read this book, because she also loves the series and wants to talk to me about it when I finish.
    The book Unwind is set in a future society where abortion is no …

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