Imitating Picassso

Alternative title: It's all About the Soul

 Hello my kings and queens! I hope you have been doing well. I've been doing fine, just a little stressed with the end of the year approaching. Since posting my last blog I have only read one more book, so my reading total has not gone up much. My total is up to 7 books now, and I'm on my 8th book of the 2017 year which is one more book closer to my goal of 18 books. I have just finished reading my AP book, so now I am moving on the one of the books on my mental to read list, which is The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro. The is the second book in the Charlotte Holmes trilogy. Just a fun little tidbit, I have meet Brittany Cavallaro, she was very kind, and she signed my book.

 The Last of August is about Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes, the many greats grandson and granddaughter of  THE Holmes and THE Watson, so its a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes stories in a way. In this book Jamie and Charlotte are trying to solve the mysteries of how Charlotte's mom was poisoned and where Charlotte's uncle has disappeared to. Jamie and Charlotte have gone on Christmas break from their homes in England to Berlin on a lead. Once there, Jamie goes on a date with a girl, Marie-Helene (she is close to Nathaniel who is the guy they are investigating), and they are hoping to get information out of her. They think that Nathaniel is a part of an art forgery ring, which is why they need information on him. Jamie is talking to Marie-Helene the about one of Nathaniel's art classes (because he is one of her art teachers) when she says "'Because, when you're searching for your own style, it can be useful to try on those of successful artists. Nathaniel says we should see what we can steal from. So, like, if I imitate Picasso, really try to do the same thing with my brushstrokes that he did with his, I'll probably fail, but I'll understand something about hiss process and so' and she put on a Nathaniel voice,' I'll learn something about my own! About my soul!'" (150-151).

I think that this is a good lesson to learn; one you can learn about yourself by learning from others. In things like art, it can be hard to find a style that is unique to you and that you enjoy using, but when you try what other people use, famous or not, it can help you discover your style. I think this is true in life as well, because we are just trying to find our way through this crazy thing called life the best way we can. Since we are children there are people tell us their style of how they live, and some people have a style and advise that will be similar to yours and you will take inspiration from, while other styles of living will not fit how your style turns out. We will take inspiration from either famous people we admire or the people and environment around us as we grow and live. Through this journey to find your style you will learn about yourself and who you are, you will learn about who you are in your soul. 


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